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Sports Strapping and Taping Workshop

Engage in an in-depth one-day workshop that comprehensively covers sports taping and strapping techniques. The course includes theoretical aspects such as taping principles, contraindications, safety considerations, and the types of tape and equipment required. Practical application with both stretch and non-stretch tapes on various body areas and joints for both injury treatment and prevention will be extensively demonstrated. Additionally, a brief introduction to Kinesio Tape will be included.

This hands-on course ensures students become proficient in utilizing different tapes through practical exercises conducted throughout the day. The content encompasses:

  • Foot taping for preventing/treating fallen arches

  • Support for acute ankle sprains

  • Taping techniques for ankle instability

  • Achilles tendon support

  • Jumpers Knee support

  • Vastus medialis re-education

  • Knee collateral ligament support

  • Figure of 8 support for the knee

  • Support for the sacro-iliac joint

  • Thoracic spine support

  • Shoulder instability support

  • Tennis elbow strapping

  • Strapping for elbow hyperextension sprains

  • Support for wrist strains

  • Finger and thumb sprain management

 A home kit is available for purchase at €40; pre-order by emailing

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