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Cupping Therapy Workshop

Explore a comprehensive range of topics in this workshop:

  • Various cupping techniques: Chinese Cupping, Sports Therapy Cupping, Wet and Dry cupping, Russian Cups

  • Uncover the benefits of cupping

  • Master Cupping Strokes

  • Learn to read the body’s response, identifying adhesions, toxin build-up, scar tissue, and more

  • Understand contra-indications

  • Discover the application of cupping for athletes and its impact on recovery time

  • Delve into the comparison of Manual vs. Mechanical Cupping

While the workshop will showcase mechanical cupping, the primary focus will be on manual techniques. Gain hands-on experience with cupping techniques tailored to address specific injuries in various areas of the body, including the posterior leg (hamstrings, calves), anterior leg (quadriceps, shin), IT band, groin, back, spine, shoulder, and rotator cuff.


Don't miss this opportunity to deepen your understanding and proficiency in the art of cupping therapy.

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