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Massage Therapy


Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy

The main aim of the Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy is to enable learners to gain the practical and theoretical skills necessary to provide Deep Tissue Massage & Sports Massage Therapy. Graduates will be able to perform full body Swedish massage and to use deep tissue massage techniques such as the use of elbows, forearms and knuckles to provide extra depth of penetration and prevent injury to the therapist from over reliance on the hands and thumbs.

Graduates will also have the requisite knowledge, understanding and skills to work as a sports massage practitioner. In this qualification learners will develop their knowledge and understanding of the non-injured tissue theory underpinning the practice of Sports Massage Therapy, including functional anatomy and physiology, nutrition, classification of sports injuries, tissue dysfunction vs injury and the stages of healing. It will also provide learners with the understanding, skills and techniques to plan, prepare for and apply a range of sports massage methods to uninjured clients.

This will allow graduates to gain work with sports teams and athletes where they can provide massage treatments both before and after training sessions or matches. They can also provide preventative massage between events to aid with recovery time and improve flexibility and reduce muscle tensions.

However, graduates are not only trained to deal with athletes and sports people. This qualification can be used just as successfully with members of the public to help them to remain supple, deal with stress, deal with any injuries or muscle tensions and adhesions and aid in general health and relaxation.

Students will perform supervised treatments at a local sporting event, to gain valuable experience and confidence as therapists. We are one of a very few colleges to provide this service to students.

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