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All of the courses that we run are in Sports Massage, starting with the Level 3 and working through until our most advanced, Level 5

Each course is one academic year in duration and results in an internationally recognised qualification on completion

  • Level 3 is our foundation level  course and this qualifies you as a Sports Massage therapist who can treat non-injured clients and athletes for maintenance and improved athletic performance.

  • Level 4 course studies advanced sports massage techniques and goes into detailed study of soft tissue injuries, their assessment, hands-on treatment and rehabilitation.

  • Students must hold the Level 3 qualification (or equivalent) before they can complete level 4.

  • Level 5 is our most advanced course at just below degree level. This course goes into the advanced assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of more complicated chronic conditions such as ongoing spinal injuries, chronic sports injuries, biomechanics, gait analysis, nerve testing etc. Again , students must hold the Level 4 qualification in sports massage (or equivalent) to be eligible to enrol.

Its all about building on the skills that you have, step-by-step and striving to gain the best knowledge and skill set for your clients.

Our Courses

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